Shiur Sukkah 22b 06/22/21


Sukkah 23a. 

Tamuz 12, 5781. June 22, 2021

1- Continued the Sugya of חבוט רמי. Basically, ‘lowering’ the upper planks into a space at a lower lever to create a contiguous cover. 

Shulchan Aruch: Chapter 631 - [A Sukkah] whose Sunlit Area Exceeds its Shaded Area, & Other Laws Governing S'chach - Texts & Writings

2- 3 opinions as to when we apply this rule.

a – Rashi- the lower space does not need to be a טפח. 

b – Ritva and Ramo in Shulchan Aruch (631, 5) – lower space needs to be at least a טפח.  

c – Ritva – citing an opinion, it needs to be a perfect fit. 

3- The קורה that creates a closed מבוי. There are a few of these  in Crown Heights. 


Cases discussed: If it doesn’t reach the opposite wall. 2 poles sticking out from both walls but do not touch each other. 

4 – We spoke about Reb Chaim Tzimerman.

audio - rabbi dr. chaim zimmerman |

Here.  Chabad connection here

5- Discussed the famous Maharil. Actually the ליקוטים at the end of this monumental book which is the primary source to the many מנהגים of Ashkenazim. 

Auction 51, Part 1 - Judaica Prices - 380 Auction Price Results - Kedem Auctions in il - Page 16


כל היכא דאיתמר מדרבנן הוא וקרא אסמכתא בעלמא’ הכי פירושו ודאי תקנתא דרבנן הוא והם יצאו ובדקו ומצאו להם סמך מקרא וסמכו דבריהם עליו כדי להחזיקם שיהיו סבורים דהוא מדאורייתא ויחמירו בו ולא אתו לזלול ולהקל בדברי חכמים

The sharp comment by Reb Yosef Engel who doubted that the מהרי”ל  ever said this. בית האוצר 190

We discussed that we do indeed find places where the חכמים  proclaimed something in the name of a great חכם in order for people to accept it. See Shabbos 115a. 

Heard various differences between the above Gemara and what Reb Yosef Engel disapproved. 

To be continued with the מגן אברהם’s take on this. 

Shiur Sukkah 22a 06/15/21


Sukkah 22a 

Tammuz 5, 5781

June 15, 2021

1- Placing the סכך on material that is מקבל טומאה, such as metal. 

The Kirsch Sukkah | The Marcos Kirsch Experience®

We read the text of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch. See here.

Basically, it boils down to this: the issue is what people will think and perhaps err. 

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If placing the סכך on a type of material that is פסול for schach will cause people to think that one can use this material for the actual סכך then it is אסור. 

If there is no chance for such an error, such as placing it on a stone wall, there is no issue. No one will conclude that placing the סכך on a stone means that one can use stones for the actual סכך. 

Stone Shed With Stone Roof In Kravice, Bosnia-Herzegovina Stock Photo - Image of farm, herzegovina: 145094054

So placing the schach on 2x4s aluminum poles that crisscross the Sukkah ……depends if an observer will/may conclude that the entire Sukkah can be covered with these aluminum poles.  Ditto for placing it on an aluminum frame. 


2- Discussed the outlier opinion that even the ‘support of the support’ מעמיד המעמיד, cannot be of material that is מקבל טומאה. Such as placing סכך atop wooden 2×2, which in itself is fine to support the סכך, on top of a metal support.  

See here

This translates into prohibiting even a nail to support the walls (if they cannot stand on their own) since that supports the סכך!

The consensus is that this opinion is not accepted.

3 – We learned the next Mishna about סכך that is layered. Staggered or one directly on top of the other. 

Shulchan Aruch: Chapter 631 - [A Sukkah] whose Sunlit Area Exceeds its Shaded Area, & Other Laws Governing S'chach - Texts & Writings

 The explanation of Rashi and Tosfos. The concept of חבוט רמי. 

4- Remember!  Always use Goldberg’s nails. They’re guaranteed to last over 2,000 years…..

Shiur Sukkah 21b 06/01/21


Suka 21b

Sivan 21, 5781 / June 1st, 2021

1- We reviewed the argument between Reb Yehuda and the Chachomim concerning if a Sukkah can be be קבע. Meaning a permanent structure. 



2- We came across the famous saying:

 אפי’ שיחת תלמידי חכמים צריכה לימוד

Reclaiming the Dignity of the Rabbinate: What in the World Happened, and What Can Be Done? - Jewish Action

3- Discussed the life of Reb Yaakov Yosef Katz, the senior תלמיד of the בעל שם טוב. The sign that he received from the בעש”ט  that would precede his passing. 

[Related the old Jewish quip about the peasant that was asked by the Rov as to why he is dancing on Simchas Torah when he has not learned all year. 

The peasant’s response: 

Former Chief Rabbinate official indicted for bribery - Israel National News

On Yom Kippur I said על חטא שחטאנו לפניך בכפת שוחד, (sin of accepting bribes). Well,  it obviously didn’t refer to me personally since I do not sit on Din Torahs…… But I said it anyway since ‘we’re all one and in it together’, so I’m dancing on Simchas Torah as well…….]

4- One of Reb Yaakov Yosef’s books is the Toldos Yakov Yosef.

See here. It was the first ספר  on Chassidus ever published. 

תולדות יעקב יוסף - בראשית שמות ויקרא - יעקב יוסף בן צבי הירש הכהן מפולנאה



Shul in Pollonoye

Story of the נודע ביהודה that opposed חסידות and placed this ספר under the foot of his table!

Leg of a wobbly table supported by a book Stock Photo - Alamy

When נודע ביהודה met once a תלמיד of Reb Yaakov Yosef he inquired about the character of his teacher. The student replied: My master was so humble that if you placed him under the table he would also take it in stride…….

5- In the תולדות יעקב יוסף, he quotes a ‘quip’ he once heard about the above saying 

אפי’ שיחת תלמידי חכמים צריכה לימוד


I heard in the name of a great person somewhat figuratively, on our Gemara here:  “שיחת חולין של תלמידי חכמים צריכין לימוד- the mundane Sicha or speech, of a Talmid Chochom requires study”.

From the mundane words of this person (it is indicative that) he is a only a Talmid Chochom, (not a חכם per se) and he still requires study from others to become a Chochom.

 4- We moved on to the next Mishna and began to discuss the issue of placing the סכך upon metal or cement. 

To be continued next week bl”n.