Shiur 8/21/18 Beitza 37a


Beitzah 37a

1- The Misha lists the prohibition to separate תרומה  and מעשר on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

The reason is that it resembles a ‘business transaction”. It also has the issue of מתקן מנא. Fixing an item that is not usable. The produce, in our case, is not edible until Truma is taken care of.  

2- We spoke about the question of Tosfos in Gitin 31a. DH Bemachshava. Truma can be given without any action at all. If one has produce that is in separate crates and wants give Terumah all he needs to do is to set aside in his mind a crate for Terumah.

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We mentioned ‘crates’ specifically. If the item is, say, wine, then although the Truma can still be done by designating the Truma to the last drops in the barrel, another issues arises.

That issue, as discussed at the shiur, is ברירה. The Truma in the barrel is mixed with the rest. Some opinions say that one may indeed drink from the barrel and the last remaining drops retroactively become Truma!

In Kidushin 26b a story is told about Rabban Gamliel who actually did this.

מעשה ברבן גמליאל וזקנים שהיו באים בספינה אמר להם רבן גמליאל לזקנים עישור שאני עתיד למוד נתון לו ליהושע ומקומו מושכר לו ועישור אחר שאני עתיד למוד נתון לו לעקיבא בן יוסף כדי שיזכה בו לעניים ומקומו מושכר לו

But the Halachah is as the other school of thought. Meaning that if someone does that, there is Terumah in the barrel but it is mixed (אין ברירה) and therefore one would not be allowed to drink any of it.  

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So, asks Tosfos, what labor is involved in such an action? So why it is prohibited to perform on Shabbos or Yom Tov? Tosfos answers that even though there is no action per se, nevertheless since he is now making the food edible, it is prohibited because of מתקן.

3- Discussed the two seperate part of Terumah and Ma’aser. The separating and the giving it to the Kohen or Levi.

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3- We discussed the Gemara about a cow and it’s calf that fell into a pit on Yom Tov. Hauling one out of the pit to shecht is very labor intensive but would be permitted on Yom Tov. On the other hand to take them both out creates an issue since both cannot be shechted on the same day because it is אותו ואת בנו.

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4- We began the Mishnah about moving one’s objects out of the תחום on Yom Tov and as an introduction established that any 3 houses is technically a city and all cities are Halachikaly by default a square. 

We spoke about the perplexing question as to why Reb Moshe Feinstein wrote extensively against making an Eiruv in Brooklyn but allowed it in Queens.

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