Shiur Sukkah 35b (2) 03/23/22


Suka 35b (2)

2nd Adar 19, 5782. March 23, 2022

1- In continuation of last week’s discussion concerning  an Esrog from דמאי,  (#s 3 & 4)  and about being מפקיר ones assets we brought up the topic of הפסד מרובה; Great monetary loss. 

European court ruling brings kosher slaughterhouse new business amid old fears | The Times of Israel

We find numerous times in Halacha the allowing of a leniency in order to avoid a great monetary loss. 

This is a wide ranging topic and we mentioned that some say that the entire Halacha of מוקצה can be overridden when there is a הפסד מרובה. Note: That is not the practical Halocho as the Alter Rebbe writes. 334, 2. 

2- We discussed that הפסד מרובה. In  general it  is relative to the financial level of the owner of the object(s) in question. A person that is well to do has a higher bar to reach before the הפסד מרובה leniency kicks in. 

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We spoke about the question posed to the שואל ומשיב Rabbi of Lvov /  Lemberg.  (today being bombarded and called Lviv). Sefer Detail: הגדה של פסח דברי שאול -- נתנזון, יוסף שאול ב"ר אריה ליבוש הלוי

Can a wealthy person, who cannot use this היתר simply because he indeed has no ‘great loss’, gift it to a poorer person? Interesting question. See here that his question begins with the קטניות on Pesach issue.


3 – Discussed the הדר  of the Esrog. 

Rashi writes that the area of the Esrog that is of prime importance to be הדר  is from the widest diameter to it’s ‘nose’ – where the פיטום is.  He adds ‘that is the area where the eyes of a person land more than the rest of the Esrog’ 

What can also be derived from this Rashi is that any blemish on the Esrog that cannot be seen with the naked eye is not a פסול. So no magnifying glass is needed…….

An Ultra-Orthodox Jew uses a magnifying glass to examine an etrog, a citron, one of the four species used during the festival of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, in Jerusalem, October 5,

4- Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Dried etrog citron with the pitam still attached | Basically… | Flickr

And also of the circumstances. So if a year produces unsightly Esrogim, which under normal circumstances would be close to being פסול, one must use the nicest one of that year. And that is הדר!!!

Conversely, using such an Esrog in years of beautiful אתרוגים , is not הדר at all and should not be used. 

This concept is expounded by the אור שמח. Lulav 8, 7. 

ולדעתי נראה דלא מיבעי פסולי הדר שכתב רבינו אשר דהתורה מסרה אותן לחכמים ואם אין כאן אחר איהו הוי הדר ובאמת ענין הידור ויופי הוא מן המוסכמות ולכן באתרוג הכושי אמר הא לן הא להו ודאי דכשר אם אין באפשר להשיג אחר ההדר

5 – In jest we spoke about the שליח בית דין  walking around with a frying pan and three eggs. Attend the shiur for an explanation…..


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